A few photos from my Bust Magazine shoot with the lovely and super photogenic Hayley Williams of Paramore.  Over the years I’ve shot Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Sandra Oh, Aubrey Plaza, Mindy Kaling and others for Bust.  Always the coolest women!  Hayley was no exception.  Loved her and her vibe.  She’s also gorgeous and knows how to get her picture taken.  

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Where I see myself in five years.

Where I see myself in five years.

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The relationship I have with my brother.

The relationship I have with my brother.

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Norway is magical. 

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Oh Good Lord.

oh my god this is so wonderful

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I’m scared shitless

I’m alone in this new completely empty house and I don’t feel safe. Every friday and saturday night from 11pm to 7am I am alone in this empty, quiet, open to the world house. There are barely any blinds, no sliding door locks…I am scared. People tell me to get over it, I’ll be fine, but everytime I hear a noise I grab my crowbar and charge out into the living room afraid whats on the other side. I’m afraid that if I am not afraid something bad will happen..